The Black Legion

July 26, 2009

Fingol, He Who Summons Death, Gabriel Martin, and She who bites hard regrouped the orc base camp. Hrsshz showed up, offered his assistance, and touched many people with his palps. Then the villain Gambeson arrived to take over leadership of the clan.

Fingol convinced Hrsshz to back Gambeson instead of He Who Summons Death for leadership of the clan. He Who Summons Death, Gambeson argued, and Gabriel Martin preached democracy to the orcs, leading to a co-leadership between He Who Summons Death and Gambeson. After a few months, the orcs would vote one of the two into power.

Then there was some skulking about and the party departed to slaughter some elves to impress Gambeson (and maybe bake an elf pie). They ambushed and slew four elves; a fifth was turned to Grief by the song of Fingol.



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