A dark elf bent on showing the world the futility of existing

Main stat score Main stat score
Power B4 Agility B4
Forte B4 Speed B6
Perception B6 Will B6
Derived stat score Derived stat score
Health B7 Steel B7
Spite G4 Circles B3
Resources B0 Hesitation B4
Skill Score Skill Score
Elven Script B3 Lock Pick B4
Intimidation B3 Falsehood B4
Sing B3 Dark Elf-Wise B3
Stealthy B4 Climbing B2
Poisons B4 Knives B4
Soothing Platitudes B3 Persuasion B4
Herbalism B3 Haggling B3
Skill Song Score
Song of Paths and Ways B3
Spell Song Score Spell Song Score
Air of Gates B3 Lullaby to Sorrow G2
Dirge of Night B3 Dirge of Terror B3
The Twisted Tongue G2
Trait Benefit
Etharchal A noble elf, grants 1D affiliation with Elven Etharchs
Spite Your grief has turned to bitter spite
Thief Mandatory stealing related instinct
Murderous Character trait
Compulsive Liar You always lie, not always well
Vile Language You can speak the tongue of Orcs and Trolls
Tidy Aspect Your clothes and appearance are always neat and clean
Elf Common Traits Born Under the Silver Stars, Essence of the Earth, Fair and Statuesque, First Born, Keen Sight
Superficial B3
Light B5
Midi B7
Severe B8
Traumatic B9
Mortal B1
Deeds 0
Persona 0
Fate 2

Relationships: Francis Von Quinton (10pts, -2 hateful, -1 forbidden) Gilthoniel (5pts, -2 Bonds of Romantic Love, -2 Hateful)

Affiliations: 1D w/ Elven Etarchs

Gear: Plated Leather Armor (Bitter Reminder) Elven Shoes (Bitter Reminder) Elven Clothes (Bitter Reminder) Traveling Gear Lock Picks Grooved Knife



  1. I will get Francis the throne; Now William must Die!
  2. Gilthoniel must see the world my way; first, I must show her the destruction of a dear life.
  3. Gambesson has the tools I need, I must befriend him by killing he who plays with death.


  1. If it’s not nailed down, take it.
  2. If they are in my way, kill them.
  3. Whenever stealthing sing Dirge of Night.


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