She who bites hard


Born to Legion, Caged and Beaten, Dark Friend

Stats and Attributions:
Will B4
Perception B4
Power B5
Forte B3
Agility B4
Speed B5 speed multiplier X7
Health B2
Steel B2
Hesitation 6
Reflexes B4
Mortal Wound B10

1. Find a safe place to hide from the Querab and take care of “he who summons death” until he has recovered enough to care for himself, then bite him for riding me
2. Become greatest great wolf by becoming alpha dog of the orcs
3. Hunt down the Querab so that my party members may dispose of it.

1. Bite whoever tries to ride me
2. Argue with “he who summons death” whenever he asks me to do something
3. Always bring my new “toys” with me everywhere

Howling B2
Pack Etiquette B2
Stealthy B3
Brawling B4
Ritual-wise B2
Poisons-wise B3
Riding Training


She who bites hard

The Black Legion Georgiana