He Who Summons Death

Dark Summoner



  1. Put Francis Von Quentin on the throne
    • Find and kill the next prince
      • This is not forgotten, our obligations will be met
  2. Regroup
    • Blame it on the Elves
  3. Become Named
    • Get rid of the Querub
      • search for information on how to banish it


  1. Never cast when tired
    • tired is half forte rounded down for these purposes
  2. Always check for poison
    • always
  3. Don’t take any of the bitch’s shit
    • never


Will B4
Perception B6
Power B4
Forte B6
Agility B4
Speed B4


Health B6
Steel B6
Hatred B6
Reflexes B4
Mortal Wound B11
Circles B2
Resources B0
  • Traits
    • Cannibals (cha)
    • Cold Black Blood (reduce hesitation from pain by two)
    • Fanged and Clawed (bite and claw attacks)
    • Loathsome and Twisted (8 is max exponent for stats)
    • Lynx-Eyed, Like Burning Coal (darkvision)
    • Vile Language (cha)
    • Born To Rule Them All (grants reputation and affiliation)
    • Fearful Respect for Servants (cha)
    • Stark Madness (cha)
    • Blasphemous Hatred (various special)
    • Naked Hatred (cha)
    • Enemy of the Sun (Sun penalties negated)
    • Fearless (reduce hesitation from fear, pain and shock of gore and death by 3) **Iron Stomach (call on for forte and health tests vs poison and illness)
  • Relationships
    • Gambeson, rival (dead)
H3. Reputations and Affiliations
1D affiliation Great and Black Orcs
1D reputation Infamous among chattel and legion


servant-wise B3
Void Embrace
Doctrine of Night’s Blood B4
Rituals of Night B7
Vile Poisoner B6
Cave-Wise B4
Darkness-Wise B3
Oratory B4

Gear and Posessions

  • Poisoner’s Kit
  • Black Robes


  • Black Rust
  • Death’s Howl
  • Enemy of the Sun


Location Dice Type
Head 0 none
Torso 1 Hide
Right Arm 1 Hide
Left Arm 1 Hide
Right Leg 1 Hide
Left Leg 1 Hide
Shield 0 none

As a young orc, born of the great leaders, he was thrust before the abyss, forced to peer into its depths. It was then that his hatred turned to madness, which in turn fueled his rage. The darkness and blood gives him his power, and through it he channels his anger to smite any that would dare stand in his way.

He does not desire power, nor does he desire glory. All he desires is the downfall of his foes in the most brutal and miserable ways possible. He wishes to smother them in his rage, to snuff out their lives with the darkness he is so acquainted with.

He Who Summons Death

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