Gabriel Martin

A king in the underworld, set out to bring darkness to the surface and topple mankind, one stone-step at a time.

Name Gabriel Martin
Age 45
Race Roden
Born Below
The Gauntlet
The Brain
Tunnel Vision: Reduce Penalties for low-light by one step
Greedy: Is motivated by greed.
Skulking: Skulks.
Genius: Every idea is unique and brilliant, every plan sure-fire and flawless. It is only a matter of time before such brilliance is properly recognized and rewarded.
Ambitious: Has ambition.
Ruthless: Likes doing whatever it takes to get what he wants.
Roden traits: +1D to perception rolls due to large ears, increase hesitation by one for steel tests caused by fear or surprise (hesitating for more than one action requires flight), bite (power 1, add 2, va -, fast weapon), call-on for health or forte tests related to weather and wetness due to large coat.
Fearless: Reduce hesitation for pain, fear, and shock of gore/death by 3.
Perception B4
Will B6
Power B4
Forte B3
Speed B4
Agility B4
Derived Stats:
Health B5
Reflexes B4
Steel G3
Superficial B2
Light B4
Midi B6
Severe B7
Traumatic B8
Mortal B9
Appraisal B3
Survival Training B3
Soothing Platitudes B3
Research B2
Astrology B2
Brawling B4
Read B2
Write B2
Falsehood B5
History B2
Obscure History B2
Intimidation B5
Persuasion B6
Inconspicuous B5
Oratory B6
Command B4
Below-Wise B2
Sword B6
Stealthy B4 (General)

Beliefs: Humans are scum who have driven my people out of their land. They must be revenged by any means necessary – toppling their king is an excellent start.

He Who Summons Death has bungled my plans for the last time. He shall be indebted to me by the healing of his wounds.

I must find a new force to ally myself with – the humans WILL fall, by my life’s reckoning.

Instincts: Always wear my cloak in the daytime – if I should lose my cloak, get a new one as soon as possible. Do everything in my power to prevent He Who Summons Death play a role in my planning. Always pay my respects to each mark I erase.

Relationships: “Cracked” Lawrence Candrus: City guard lieutenant, hates Martin’s organization due to multiple assassination attempts on his father, a noble in Von Quinton’s court, knows of his reputation as an assassin, wants to kill him and use his fur as a scarf. – 8rps

Reputation: 2D reputation – Mastermind of the Wilhelm Roden Undersect, King of Assassins

Gabriel Martin

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