Like an eight-legged Indiana Jones (pre-fridge)



  1. See He Who Summons Death healed. (P)
  2. Find some more allies to bolster our forces against the elves.
  3. Deal with the Querub somehow.


  1. Always leave a drag line. (free instinct)
  2. Shoot (web) first, ask questions later.
  3. Always have a lariat ready.
  4. Always have a net prepared.

Bound by These DoW’s

July 26

  • I will support Gambeson against He Who Summons Death for leadership of the Orcs. Fingol will help me if Gambeson uses mind magic on me. (Hrrshz vs. Fingol)


  • Alien (+2 to BoA vs. non-spider, +1 Ob to Intimidate vs. me)
  • Arachnid body (adbomen, cephalothorax, legs)
  • Eight-Eyed (360 degree bad vision)
  • Eight-Legged (+2D bonus to close, +1D to lock, Agi ir Pow for locks)
  • Exoskeleton
  • Piercing Fangs (1 Power, VA 1, Slow, Shortest)
  • Keen Sense of Balance
  • Low Speech
  • Silk Spinner (Surface B7, Breach B15, Integrity 1, Strength 6) (B8 Power adhesive)
  • Spider Sense (+1D to perception vs. movement, sound, air movement; Perception counts as Observation vs. Stealthy)
  • Virulent Venom (7 doses, 6 minus Forte Ob penalty + B6 wound)
  • Wall-Crawler (+2D to all climbing tests; most climbing doesn’t require a test)
  • Middling Stature (man-sized body, plus legs)
  • Strand-runner (move along silk strand as over level ground)
  • Chitinous (3D armor)
  • Vile Language
  • High speech
  • Patience (char)
  • Obsidian (C-O for stealthy at night)
  • Pouncer (C-O for locking)


  • Chrrhk, a Drinker of Secrets in Gambeson’s legion and my brood-mate (minor role).


  • 1D Wolf spiders from the Moonwood

B2 Circles B0 Resources


  • B5 Power
  • B4 Forte
  • B6 Agility
  • B6 Speed (x4)
  • B5 Will
  • B6 Perception (B7 w/ spider sense)


  • B5 Health
  • B6 Steel
  • B6 Reflexes
  • B10 Mortal Wound


  • B3 Superficial
  • B5 Light
  • B7 Midi
  • B8 Severe
  • B9 Traumatic
  • B10 Mortal


  • B6 Lariat
  • B3 Throwing
  • B6 Snares (forks: lures, burrowing, lariat)
  • B6 Silken Construct
  • B4 Brawling
  • B6 Stealthy
  • B5 Climbing
  • B4 Hunting
  • B3 Cave-wise
  • B3 Luring (forks: snares, silken construct)
  • B3 Burrowing
  • B3 Orienteering


  • Silken lariat
  • Silken net


The Black Legion Mirdan