Ork common traits

Loathsome and Twisted Orcs are repellent, even to their own kind, and especially to Elves, Men and Dwarves. Their body is bent and squat, with ugly, long arms and sickening charred flesh: Orc stat maximums are straight 8s.

Fanged and Clawed The mouth of an Orc is a violent organ, well suited to tearing flesh and shouting blasphemies. Orcs may use their Fanged Maw as a weapon when in the “inside arms reach” fighting distance. The bite is a Power 1, Slow, VA 1, Add 2, Shortest length weapon. Claws like steel shards protrude from their gnarled fingers. They may be used as a weapon: Power 1, Fast, VA—, Add 2, shortest length. They act like a knife for purposes of positioning and fighting distance.

Cold Black Blood The substance of night runs through their veins. Orcs suffer +2 Ob to all tests while abroad in the sunlight. If it is cloudy, dawn or twilight, the penalty is only +1 Ob.

Orcs black blood serves them as well as hurts them.

Cold Black Blood reduces Hesitation obstacles by 2 for all conditions except fear and surprise.

Cannibals – So vile are they, Orcs will not hesitate to slay and eat their companions.

Lynx-Eyed, Like Burning Coals An Orks eyes glow red with the inner fire of hatred and despise. Orcs can see clearly in darkness and shadows. (They never suffer a penalty for such conditions.)

Breeders Though they loathe life and yearn for death, Orcs are compelled by their accursed nature to procreate often and quickly.

Vile Language Orcs speak a special language of shadow, chill and blight. They share this tongue with corrupt vermin, Great Wolves, Trolls, certain Great Spiders and shades.

Ork common traits

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